Choosing to have a tattoo permanently inked onto your skin isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly – after all who is to say that you’re witty “Gangnam Style” forehead tattoo will mean anything to you in ten days let alone ten years?

But thanks to the occasionally insane habits of fans, the industry of such pop culture tattoos remains big business and tattoo artists seem all too happy to design and ink the chosen tatts of their clients, in exchange for a tidy fee, even when what they’re asking for is beyond the artist’s own abilities or is just plain idiotic. And thank God for that, because that leads to some wonderfully awful tattoos for us all to share and delight in.

So without further ado, we’re celebrating 20 of the most jaw-droppingly poor tattoos permanently inked on real people’s skin in the name of their love for all things (or specific things) cinematic. These are the worst permanent love letters to film anyone has ever had carved into their skin and it would be rude not to celebrate them as much as they deserve.

Just imagine how much money would have gone into some of these attrocious offerings. Not much, we can only hope…

1. The Human Centipede

There are no words.

2. Scarface… Is That You?

Who is that handsome chap with the machine gun and the take-no-hassle grimace there? Because it clearly isn’t Al Pacino.

Also, why does he apparently only have three fingers on his tiny right arm, which appears to be less than half the length of his gun?

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This article was first posted on November 18, 2012