20 Most Hated Film Remakes & Reboots In Movie History

As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.


It’s said that George Lucas has ruined the idea of the prequel for everyone, while for years now, the sequel has been synonymous with the law of diminishing returns… but there’s a special kind of loathing reserved for the remake.

Well, the recent proliferation of movie franchises has presented a whole new subset of the remake: the reboot, whereby the basic tenets of the franchise are retained but the moviemakers tell the story from scratch.

Of course, if you really enjoyed the previous iteration, then the reboot can be infuriating. Plenty of people who loved Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy took umbrage at the two Amazing Spider-Man movies, and some fans of Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker raised merry online hell when Marvel and Sony agreed to reboot the wallcrawler yet again for the MCU.

However, not all remakes and reboots are evil: Some Like It Hot, Ocean’s Eleven, Scarface, 12 Monkeys, and Heat are all remakes, and arguably better than any of the films that they remade, while Nolan’s Batman reboot revitalised the character. Those who loudly protest the creative bankruptcy of the remake/reboot are usually complaining about the execution rather than the conception.

Some are just redundant, a waste of everyone’s time; some completely miss the point of the original; and yes, some are terrible, terrible movies that should have been aborted in development. Whether rejected by audiences or crapped on by critics, these are the most hated remakes and reboots in cinema history. And of course, here be spoilers...


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