20 Most Hotly Anticipated Movie Scenes Of 2018

And then Thanos clicked...

Marvel Studios

2018 is already shaping up to be one of the most exciting years on record for fans of blockbuster movies. Buoyed by franchise, reboot and adaptational successes in the past few years, studios are rushing to force feed us all as many popcorn friendly movies as they can possibly get made at great expense.

Judging by the precedent set by the past two years (and countless before that, in fact), there's no way that all of the most expensive movies on the slate will be successful (at least not both critically AND financially anyway), but there are some that will definitely deliver on the hype. We have three more MCU movies to take in, the most exciting stand-alone DCEU flick, new Star Wars, Jurassic Park and lots of Disney and there should be enough there to satsify even the most cynical of cinephiles.

And even more specifically, there's a fairly good indication - whether from set leaks, official marketing or simple clever deduction - of what some of the best moments and individual scenes are going to be within those films. In short, there's already reason to be excited about some of the biggest films of the year for very specific reasons...

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