20 Most Hotly Anticipated Movie Scenes Of 2018

20. Michael Returns - Halloween


In the expert opinion - or at least the best intentions - of John Carpenter, David Gordon Green's Halloween reboot is going to be the scariest ever, as part of a celebration of it being the franchise's tenth sequel. That might be a slightly contradictory celebration, given that the film will ignore all of the other sequels, but there we are.

There's not a lot the film needs to do to be better than most of those sequels, but aiming to deliver on Carpenter's claim would be a very good start. And in the absence of ghosts and ghouls, it will depend fundamentally on building up the mythology of Michael Myers again and making sure the rules of his monster movie like presentation are kept to.

In that respect, the first pay-off of him reappearing is going to be a massive deal for fans - not least because of the sense of occasion, but also because it will hopefully come after a smart, slow-build that goes heavy on atmosphere and genuinely chills. Here's hoping.

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