20 Most Ridiculous Moments In Star Wars

It doesn't get any sillier than this.

Star Wars Attack Of The Clones Yoda

Extremely beloved though the Star Wars franchise is by viewers young and old, all but the most hardcore apologists have to admit that it's had its share of bizarre, laughable and straight-up baffling moments.

Over the last four decades, George Lucas' juggernaut sci-fi blockbuster franchise has alternately stoked the audience's imagination and made them wonder quite what the Hell the guy's smoking. For every "I am your father" moment, there's a dreadful clunker of dialogue or a tone-deaf scene that just doesn't play right.

Some of these moments, admittedly, are ridiculous for the better, leaning into the inherent absurdity of the space opera saga, and as such fans wouldn't dare wish them gone. Others, more often than not from the prequels? Not so much.

For better or for worse, though, these moments are Star Wars, and it's hard to get into a discussion about the franchise without at least a few of them coming up...

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