A good horror movie is usually judged on its scare factor and if it possesses moments that make you jump – all the better. There can be moments that freak you out so much, you never forget them. Who will ever forget little Regan in The Exorcist doing serious neck contortions and speaking in a demon’s voice? These moments become iconic and enter into the grand canon of uber scary moments in cinema.

I have compiled for you a list of top 20 scares. Obviously there is room for dispute so please add your own scary moments below as I know it is a highly subjective thing…


20. Mirror Man – Repulsion (1965)

Repulsion is a horrifying film which chronicles a young woman’s descent into insanity. Her neuroses and psychoses are powered by a terrible fear of men and sex – this is her repulsion (the end of the film hints at sexual abuse for the reason of her madness).

In the film we are treated to the killing of two men and the hallucinations that Carol goes through. This includes a jump out of your seat moment when Carol is looking in the mirror and all of a sudden a man appearing in the background of the mirror. We know that Carol hates men so even a normal guy standing there is very frightening in the context of the movie. It is also a brilliant scary mirror moment.

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This article was first posted on April 6, 2013