20 Worst Movies Of 2017

19. The Snowman

Michael Fassbender Snowman

Based on a great book written by Jo Nesbo and starring Michael Fassbender, The Snowman should really have been very good indeed. But it wasn't. It wasn't even mediocre, it was flat out terrible in a vulgar, incredibly frustrating way that was as baffling as it was annoying.

The film - directed by Tomas Alfredson - feels like a poor misinterpretation of what it takes to make a great, bleak Scandinavian thriller. All the beats are there, like the ominous sense of detachment and the complex, scarred hero, but the direction is curiously missing.

The cast - all great talents - are underused, the plot is incomprehensible and scattered and the whole thing is stunningly boring, and though there's definitely the potential for a good film in there, it's not this one by Alfredson. Not by a long shot.

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