25 Biggest WTF Moments From 2017 Movies

3. The Face Drag - Brawl In Cell Block 99

Brawl In Cell Block 99
RLJE Films

S. Craig Zahler's ferocious exploitation movie is surprisingly subdued for the most part, but explodes into violence in its final sequence, when put-upon prisoner Bradley (a terrifying good Vince Vaughn) finds himself facing off against the prison's powerful kingpin and his goons.

Bradley quickly overpowers the first henchman, stomping his head into the concrete floor. With his foot resting on the man's head, he warns the others to stay put, but when they don't listen, he moves his foot, dragging the man's face across the concrete, removing all the skin from his face, and finally putting him out of his misery with a final stomp to the back of the head.

If that's not gross enough, Bradley then takes on another goon, knocking him to the floor and stomping his jaw so hard that it totally shatters. Disgusting, but awesome.

After making everyone lose their lunch with the infamous dismemberment scene in his previous film Bone Tomahawk, and now this, Zahler's going to have to go all-out to top himself again for his next movie (which is ironically titled Dragged Across Concrete).


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