25 Definitively Best Movies EVER (According To Critics AND Fans)

The best films ever, each with a handy score out of 100...

Pulp Fiction

When it comes to DEFINITIVELY deciding which movies are the best, most people turn to single metrics to "prove" their arguments. These days that means offering a Rotten Tomatoes score or an IMDB score or a Metacritic score, because we're all about boiling everything down into a single, easily digestible number (whether you're looking at the critical score or the fan one).

But what if you could cross-reference all of those scores to come up with an even more singular number? What if you could combine all of those pillars of assessment and come up with a number (out of 100) that you can use as evidence as to why Shawshank Redemption really ISN'T better than Pulp Fiction. And who doesn't want those sorts of arguments in their life?

Well wonder no more, because new pretender to the Rotten Tomatoes throne - FlickMetrix - now handily crunches those numbers, and there's now a new top 25 you need to care about...

25. Apocalypse Now (1979)

Apocalypse Now Marlon Brando
United Artists

Score: 91

Despite one of the most notoriously difficult productions of all time - beset by natural disasters, a wayward, expensive star and Martin Sheen almost dying on set (among other things) - Apocalypse now remains one of the greatest war movies of all time.

Taking a lead from Marlowe's Heart Of Darkness, it's as much about the human condition as it is about actual warfare and it features one of the most spell-bindingly visceral performances ever by Sheen. And despite Marlon Brando's oddness, it crucially refuses to disappear into a fog of self-congratulatory weirdness, catering to a more mainstream audience than its weightier themes might suggest.

Rotten Tomatoes: 96 Audience: 94 IMDB: 85 Letterboxd: 87 Metascore: 94

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