25 Movie Sequels That Will Kick Ass In 2018

The same, but different.


Whenever awards season rolls around every year, the conversation inevitably turns to how the bindweeds of blockbusters, sequels and adaptations is choking the life out of Hollywood innovation. And despite the fact that we saw lots of unique, beautiful movies released in 2017 (and more will follow this year), it's hard not to agree that there's an uneven representation of such movies on the upcoming slate.

But when you sit back and think about it, there's a reason for that, and it doesn't just come down to the fact that studios know that we'll spend on a sequel if the original did well. It's because audiences will genuinely want to see a sequel if the original did well. No cynicism, no audience manipulation... It's a matter of giving people what they want.

It's no accident that the biggest and best franchises continue to pull in viewers into high numbers, or that major brands have a tendency to burrow their way behind our collective eyes if they're even halfway good. We WANT dependability, we want stability and we want to know that the movie we're shelling out for isn't going to be a disappointing unknown quality.

So, really, there's nothing wrong with sequels. And there's lots of them to be excited about this year...

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