27 DRESSES is not one for the guys, despite Katherine Heigl's presence!

Rather see Heigl in no dress? Yeah me too, but this is a chick flick... so it's dress porn only I'm afraid.


I like Katherine Heigl, but where she worked well in KNOCKED UP, I wasn't really feeling it here. Her comedic timing seems forced, and I could feel the screenplay rather than her character which is never a good thing. The movie is about a young women who has been a bridesmaid and worried about other people's weddings and so many times that she she has ended up with 27 DRESSES, but not the one that counts. When she finally gets the courage to ask out a guy she has lusted over for a while, she is horrified to find that her sister (Malin Akerman) got their first... and of course they are planning to get married. James Marsden is also in this one, and thank God he's not playing 'the other' and slightly darker love interest. The film comes from the writer of THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and you can really feel it too. One for the ladies me thinks, so I will try not to be too harsh on this trailer but it just doesn't hit the right note for me... look for this in January (U.S.) and March (U.K.)... CLICK HERE TO SEE HEIGL IN 27 DRESSES
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