3 Ideas For Star Wars Stand Alone Movies

Editor’s Note: Please keep in mind this article was written before the news emerged last night that the first two…

Marcus Doidge


Star Wars 1

Editor’s Note: Please keep in mind this article was written before the news emerged last night that the first two Star Wars standalone movies will be based around the characters of Han Solo and Boba Fett.

So it’s official. Disney are set to produce stand alone character movies to be released between Star Wars Episodes 7, 8 and 9 and rather than just three Star Wars movies, we are going to get six in as many years.

Questions are immediately raised about just how viable individual character movies are and of course the knee jerk reaction from the haters is “No Jar Jar Binks movie please!!” I have to admit, I was a little worried about the prospect of stand alone movies initially, mainly due to the overkill they would generate towards Star Wars from 2015 onwards but now it’s sunk in this is obviously Disney’s way around the fact that many of the much loved Star Wars characters are, well, dead.

No Yoda (there are ghost options I guess), no Boba Fett (unless we want a 60 year old version), no Darth Vader (beyond a ghost Anakin) and not even Jabba, Palpatine, Jango and a whole host of other possibilities the original six movies offer up. So given my feeling that this is a Disney plan to keep the character we love in our new Star Wars films, what three are a good idea and what do we know about so far to what could be coming out of the house of mouse?

Special Mention: Yoda

Yoda smash

At this stage rumours seem to indicate that Yoda is the first character to get their own flick. I love the little green fella but I have to say, his history is something I would prefer unexplored for now. Lucas initially widened Yoda’s species with the female Yaddle in the Phantom Menace but soon ditched her, opting for the angle that Yoda is the last of his species. For me Yoda’s history seems the only place they can go with this idea and I feel it will only repeat what we already know and love about him. He’ll train Padawans and he’ll be great at it. There was probably some sort of Sith head to head back in the day and while that’s sort of intriguing, I just don’t feel it will add much to what we already love Yoda for. We’ve seen a younger-ish Yoda with the puppet in Phantom Menace and it was weird. I don’t want to see a young, cool teenage Yoda flipping about. This stuff is better left to blue ghost Yoda to talk about with old Luke in Episode 7 I feel.