3 Real Life Events That Would Make Great Movies

So often life imitates art. Here’s our list of where art could imitate life for once.

Matt Aspin


Hollywood loves a great story. They pay writers tons of money to come up with some pretty crazy ideas or to rehash the same old stuff and yet there’s literally countless real life events that would be easy to adapt and would make better viewing than most of the crap that’s being pumped out of late. What Culture offers you four such examples just to prove to Hollywood how easy it really is. Enough with the remakes and reboots. There’s just no excuse anymore.

3. Snails on a Plane

On the 19th September 2012, 36 Giant African Land Snails were seized by customs at Glasgow airport when they were found inside the luggage of a Nigerian male passenger. After questioning the man informed officers that the snails had been brought over to eat when he landed in the UK, but as we all know it’s illegal to bring none native species into the country without declaring them first. Tut tut fella!

So how exactly would this make a good movie? Hand the tale over to Aardman and turn it into a fun, kids animated adventure about a bunch of African Land Snails who sneak into a man’s luggage to visit family in the UK. Perhaps they can have an adventure on board the plane? Like maybe they take down a bunch of Spider terrorists or something equally bonkers. The ‘seizing’ of the snails could be the conclusion of the movie with them being apprehended by customs and lead away in handcuffs or maybe the passenger is apprehended but they make a clean getaway into the back gardens of Glasgow? Yeah, we like that ending more.