33 Incredible Movie Inspired Tattoos

The hardcore film fans who weren't content with just buying the Director's cut DVD.

Tattoos are all the rage nowadays. All it takes is to flick through a handful of channels on your television to realise that tattoos are no longer the reserve of sailors, soldiers and prostitutes. Part of the reason for the boom in popularity is because the technical skills and design abilities of tattoo artists has become more sophisticated with each passing year. Quality tattoo artists are capable of designing and executing pieces of art relating to a subject which their client wants to celebrate on their skin. These skilled artists allow their clients to express themselves with something which will be with them forever. People love to dedicate a space on their skin to represent something which they love so it should come as no surprise that many have chosen to adorn their bodies with art which celebrates their favourite movie. Whether it be of a character, quotation or an entire scene, there are thousands of movie inspired tattoos out there. As with anything in life, some of these film-homage tattoos are incredibly awesome while others are woefully bad. This list features some of the best movie inspired tattoos out there €“ pieces of art which even critics of the tattooing subculture could appreciate.

33. X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

Artist: Kris Busching (@buschingtattoo) The only appearance Juggernaut has had in a film felt too brief and insubstantial to imbue the character with depth. Vinnie Jones' character felt so tacked on in The Last Stand that this incredible tattoo of Juggernaut does a far better job of capturing the supervillain's essence. The detail of the armour is insane, with various dents and scratches indicating how battle-hardened the step-brother of Charles Xavier is.

32. The Aristocats (1970)

Artist: Sam Whitehead (@samwhiteheadtattoos) White isn't a colour which holds well in tattooing so the use of skin breaks and shading in this Disney piece really helps the colours pop. The tattooist, Sam Whitehead, must secretly have wished that her client had chosen either Berlioz or Toulouse - Marie's black and ginger siblings.

31. Blade Runner (1982)

Artist: David Corden (@davidcorden) Rachael may not be human but you certainly wouldn't know it from looking at this tattoo. Sean Young's character has been expertly inked by David Corden, with particular attention to detail in the hair, lips and even the partially burnt cigarette.

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