4 Comic Book Films You Won't Want To Miss In 2013

There's nothing more American than the comic book. Over the last few decades, comic books have been made into films, video games, iPhone applications and more. There has even been digital comic books making their mark - such as Biowars, the free comic book online. Although 2012 has had its share of record breaking blockbusters, 2013 is projected to top previous records which will no doubt make audiences come back to see their favorite comic book superheroes on the silver screen for a second or third time. Newsarama has compiled a list of one of the most highly-anticipated comic book-based films set to be released this year.

Man of Steel

Man of Steel Superman hasn€™t been a stranger to the big screen. Being a hit in the 80s thanks to great writing, award-winning production and amazing characterization from the late Christopher Reeves, the Superman franchise deemed newer audiences with a reboot in 2006 called Superman Returns, only to receive a big thumbs down by critics and audiences alike. Luckily, the studios saw this as an opportunity to re-work their reboot and create a much more human, relatable Superman for 2013. The Man of Steel, expected to be released June 14, tells the tale of the origins of Superman and focuses on his development into the great superhero we know today. The film promises a stellar cast, amazing writing and great production values.

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 Still standing strong, the Ironman franchise has proven to be one of the most popular Marvel films of the century! Released on May 3, 2013, Ironman 3 has revenued for a whopping $175.3 million in the first weekend in North America. Globally, Ironman 3 has grossed over $680.1 million thus far, proving that Marvel films still knows how to make quality films that appeal to mass audiences. Continuing the tale of the proud, but heroic Tony Stark (Ironman), the film introduces new characters, shows much more action that the previous two and entrances audiences with captivating writing.

The Wolverine

url-2 The X-men franchise has been one of the most popular comic book franchises in the world since the animated series debuted in the early 90s. Over the past few years, the X-men franchise has grown exponentially after the release of its live action films. Evident from film portrayals, one of the center characters of the X-men is Wolverine, a regenerating mutant with a skeleton encased in adamantium, one of the hardest metal alloys in the Marvel universe. This year, Wolverine makes his second appearance in a live action film that is said to top the previous Wolverine film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The Wolverine, set to be released in July 26 of this year, promises fans action-packed combat sequences, new settings and an exciting story.

Thor 2: The Dark World

Thor Dark World 41 Scheduled to be released Nov. 2, 2013, Thor 2: The Dark World, is the next chapter of the Thor franchise. Set both in Earth and Asgard, Thor 2 tells the story of the young and proud warrior prince who must face the threat of the Dark Elves before they consume the home world of his beloved. The film promises a more €œviking feel€ than the first one, and looking at the theatrical trailer, audiences clearly see a lot more battle sequences and action than the first installment of this franchise. If you do plan to watch these films, or perhaps any other comic-based films, it€™s best to read a brief description of the plotline and history of the comic book to really understand the characters and plot of the film before your see the film. Feel free to read up on current movies in WhatCulture's Film section. Whether you like comic books or not, comic book-based films resonate with audiences everywhere, proving that comic books have still not lost their appeal.

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