5 Actors For Splinter Cell: The Movie

So with the film in its early stages, here's five actors who could play the leading role of Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell Movie.

Thomas Goodyear


Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell has been around for an entire decade and has become one of the best selling video game franchises of all time. The series’ strength is in its take on stealth to which it is now unparalleled in this arena having taken the crown from previous reigning champ “Thief” a long time ago.

Now with the franchise’s SEVENTH game Splinter Cell: Blacklist coming out later this year, it has finally been decided that a film should be made. In truth, this decision is not a new one and was also tried a few years ago with a teaser trailer attached to Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory foretelling of the imminent release, but fell through for a number of reasons. However with Ubisoft signing film deals for some of its major franchises (Assassin’s Creed: The Movie is also gathering up steam) a Splinter Cell film was the obvious next step.

So with the film in its early stages, here’s five actors who could play the leading role of Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell Movie.

(Authors Note: If I had my way then the film would be fully animated with the legendary voice of Michael Ironside playing Sam as it quite rightly should, but unfortunately I am not in that position of power yet. Also the decision to change Sam’s voice for the upcoming release is very saddening but that is for another article entirely.)


5 – Liam Hemsworth (The Young One)

Now this may seem a peculiar choice but stay with me. Looking at the trailer for the up and coming seventh edition of the game, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, it seems that Sam and the majority of the other recurring characters have been made younger by a good fifteen years or so. Whether this is part of the plot or a choice by Ubisoft to prolong one of its biggest money earners, I don’t know. So it makes sense that when making a film they would like a younger actor to take the lead so that, if the film hits off, they can tie him down to a lengthy contract and make even more money down the road with sequels.

Now Liam has rugged blood in his genes, his brother is Thor for crying out loud, and is no stranger to action as he is about to take part in the muscle-fest that is The Expendables 2 and has franchise experience now with The Hunger Games behind him. So isn’t it about time we can see what this guy can do in a lead role that isn’t opposite Miley Cyrus? I think so.