5 Awful Films That Are Actually Really Good

There is no doubting the fact that film is a wholly subjective medium but when it really comes down to…

Dolan Reynolds



There is no doubting the fact that film is a wholly subjective medium but when it really comes down to it some films are just plain bad. There’s no other way to describe them. Some films just completely ruin the basic elements that make a movie like plot, character development or acting. Yet somehow, every now and again, a really good movie will get released and panned by critics and audiences alike.

Some of these films are later looked back on as misjudged masterpieces or some of them are forever relegated to “worst films of all time” lists. The 5 films that I’m presenting here aren’t “so bad they’re good” like Plan 9 From Outer Space or The Room. These are 5 films that are legitimately very good yet somehow have gained horrible reputations.


5. Prometheus


I saw Prometheus at a midnight screening the day it came out and was enthralled from beginning to end. I can understand how the film’s script can leave some people feeling they’ve been cheated by the “more questions than answers” approach but a lot of the questions have simple answers. Such as: why did David put the black goo in Holloway’s drink? Simple, David was told by Weyland to do “whatever is necessary”, so he did. David has no care for human life because he doesn’t understand it, he’s almost the opposite of the Replicants from Ridley Scott’s past masterpiece Blade Runner.

The nature of the script just makes the movie better because it allows the viewer to think about their own answers to certain questions and piece together for themselves how Prometheus ties in with the Alien franchise. The people that seem to complain the most about how much they hated Prometheus are devout fans of the Alien franchise. This has always confused me because Alien is one of my favorite movies and I think the Xenomorph is the greatest monster in movie history yet I felt like Prometheus honored its source material brilliantly while still being able to build a new and convincing world around it.