5 Changes That Would Have Improved Terminator Salvation


Ah Terminator Salvation, you truly were the film that made the world appreciate Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

Not that either of the third of fourth Terminator movies were that bad - it€™s just that the first two set such high standards that it was always going to be a near impossible task to get out of their mighty shadows. Terminator Salvation took a few years to get off the ground (it always takes years to get a Terminator movie made) and while it was known that any involvement of Arnold Schwarzenegger would be limited due to his time as Governor of California, the film still has some big guns to back it up.

Director McG had been predominantly known as the guy who directed those Charlie€™s Angels movies, but the involvement of Jonathon Nolan, who co-wrote The Dark Knight with brother Christopher Nolan was heavily publicised. As was the fact that The Dark Knight star Christian Bale who would be taking over from Nick Stahl as John Conner.

The other lead came in the form of Sam Worthington, who series creator James Cameron personally recommended to McG having just shot the monster hit Avatar with him.

Lastly Stan Winston would be back to ensure the effects were every bit as good as we€™d come to expect from the series - so whilst James Cameron and Arnie may have not been present the movie still had everything any film maker could hope for to make this live up to its past instalments.

That€™s why it€™s such a shame that it€™s all just a big average: Salvation could and should have been great, so let€™s have a look at five changes that would have improved Terminator Salvation...


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