5 Cinematic Universes That Failed Miserably

It doesn't matter, everything's a part of the MCU anyway.


Cinematic universes are becoming part and parcel of our movie experience. Whether it's watching ten years of cinema culminate into one giant smorgasbord of superheroes in Infinity War or desperately seeking reprieve from production companies attempting to cash in on the Marvel effect; fictional universes full of crossovers, references, and pop culture are dominating Hollywood.

Of course, not even Marvel's closest competition, DC, can live up to the standard that is continuously set in the all-encompassing world of superhumans. Looking more widely than just this genre however, there's universes that are enjoying their own quieter successes such as The Conjuring, Cloverfield, and even Transformers.

Then there's the masses that have fallen flat on their face in the pursuit of a 19-and-counting film run and $4 billion franchise. Can we really blame them?

With lacklustre characters and films designed for multiple instalments from the outset, these cinematic universes sabotaged themselves before they could even get off the ground, resulting in stilted, boring, and confusing opening movies in worlds that are never going to be inhabited by more creations. It's a bit sad when you think about it that way.

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