5 Directors Who Should Make Bond 24

As of right now, we know that Daniel Craig is going to be in at least two more Bond films….

Patrick G. Emralino


As of right now, we know that Daniel Craig is going to be in at least two more Bond films. With the stellar success of Skyfall, the Bond franchise has finally achieved the status it once held as one of the biggest adventure series to ever grace cinematic screens. The film produced a solid, focused adventure story that carefully balanced staying true to its source material and keeping it fresh with relevant issues and motifs for a new generation of audiences.

It gave us the classic Bond, while at the same time keeping up with the times. So, whatever the next Bond film may be, we’re expecting it to be just as good as or even better than Skyfall, a tough act to follow. Here are five directors that I know can not only top Skyfall, but more importantly, produce a solid entry to the Bond franchise…



5. Christopher Nolan

Of all the directors possibly being thrown around, none has been speculated on more than Christopher Nolan. Many consider Inception to be Nolan’s audition for a Bond film, and what an audition it was. From the sophisticated locations to its well paced adventure vibe, one can’t help but compare it to a Bond film. Take away all of the science fiction elements of Inception and what you have is the groundwork for a great Bond film.

There is no doubt Nolan can craft a well thought out story, and to put his creative touch on a Bond film is something a lot of people will pay to see. Another thing about the stories he tells is that he is able to add depth and even unique and sometimes mind-blowing twists to simple stories. What carried a lot of Skyfall’s success was its simplistic story. Maybe it’s time for a more complex story that doesn’t collapse on itself; I’m looking at you, Quantum of Solace.

Nolan has also proven that he can delve deep into a character and flesh out the darkness in him for all it’s worth, as he did with Batman. Imagine what he could do with the complex layers of James Bond himself. The previous films have started going in this direction. If there is anyone who can go deeper, maybe even three levels deep, it’s Christopher Nolan.