Regardless of how you feel about romantic films, there are a few that delve a little deeper than your average happy ending, by the numbers romance. A good romantic film will captivate you in ways that are completely relatable and so genuine that you’ll feel it. A great romantic film will give you no choice but to invest yourself emotionally in the characters and hope for the best. If anything at all resonates within by the end of the film, then you’ll have successfully been initiated into the world of cinema in a way that only this genre can provide.

Films such as When Harry Met Sally (’89), Swingers (’96), Lost In Translation (’03), Sideways (’04), and Up In The Air (’09) exemplify the idea that the very notion of love is progressive and ever changing. These films challenge the audience to react to uncomfortable situations in relationships in a way that is accepting and forward thinking. Though not always straight forward, the intent behind these films is commendable and in this article I’ll elaborate on what makes each film unique in their portrayal of romantic relationships.

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This article was first posted on September 1, 2013