In horror movies there are always casualties – the poor many whom fall to the prey of killers, psychopaths, ghosts, demons or even death itself. A lot of the time, these characters are little more than caricatures, archetypes and symbols that everyone can identify with and we’ve been conditioned through horror films to either abhor or root for – the blonde cheerleader, the arrogant jock, the nerd, the geek, the plucky girl. Not everyone survives like the plucky Laurie Strode (above), simple as.

However, some of these characters that fall at the finish line or meet their maker long before the last survivors make their stand are embedded in our hearts and minds. These characters are so brilliant or funny or special or purely badass that they really should have survived – perhaps the film would have been that bit better with the best character surviving into the finale and winning their happy ending. We all have them… the one that got away.

So, here are my five choices for the characters that really should have made it to the end credits unscathed or alive at the least – the characters whom death should have left alone.

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This article was first posted on October 23, 2012