5 Most Influential Sports Movies

We all have those movies that define our childhood. We all have those movies we wish we existed in. We…

Johny D Thrasher


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We all have those movies that define our childhood. We all have those movies we wish we existed in. We all have those movies that we gained a lesson from either as a small child or as a young adult. Hollywood may choose to mask the idea that movies are influential when the bad press comes around, but what about the movies that changed our lives for the better? Do you deny their influence? I certainly do not.

Many lists could branch off from the paragraph provided above, but what we will discuss today are the sports movies that have been the most influential in my lifetime. More specifically those that I garner as my top five. Growing up in the Deep South, sports were always a huge factor in my life. Having actually lived out those moments of camaraderie, excitement, and heartbreak I have the ability to genuinely connect with the emotions of a sports movie. The word “emotions” is plural for a reason. For example, there is the bittersweet feeling where I want to reminisce, but I know that thinking back will make me miss it more than I will enjoy the memories. Those moments of reminiscing are saved for special moments. I don’t just go pulling those thoughts out for any old get together. There are also those moments where emotions will defy even the manliest of man’s “Guy Code”. Stick around, that was a teaser.

Alas, we come to the list. A list that proved to be difficult for me. It was hard for me to narrow it down to ten much less five. You’ll have to keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily my top five sports movies of all time. This is my most “Influential Sports Movies of My Time”. That being said I can’t really say for sure the lists would be different. There are maybe one or two I would swap out. I started this list with twelve and narrowed it down. It’s worth pointing out that Kevin Costner almost had three, that’s right, three spots on the list. I set out with the intention of narrowing it to five. It wasn’t until I reached six that I realized I would definitely be naming an “Honorable Mention”. That award will go to “A League of Their Own”. Not only one of my favorite Sports Movies of all time, but one of my top movies period. Ultimately it was my recognition of the fact that I am indeed a man and as much as I love the members of the All American League. We come from cities near and far. We’ve got Canadians, Irish ones, & Swedes. We’re all for one, we’re one for all, we’re all American…..OOPS, I’m sorry. Let’s get started shall we?