It’s hard to narrow down what exactly makes for a good James Bond movie, especially because everyone has different tastes. Anytime you try to name one certain movie as being the best, it’s sure to set off a massive argument. We simply can’t all agree on anything (Possibly the only thing we can agree on is Goldfinger is awesome and Quantum of Solace stinks).

Instead, what we’d like to discuss this time are five Bond movies that are generally held in low regard, but have certain good aspects that are oftentimes overlooked.


5. Tomorrow Never Dies


Pierce Brosnan broke out into the James Bond role in a big way. GoldenEye exceeded everyone’s expectations, became the highest-grossing Bond film to date, and spawned one of the biggest video games of the year.

Then suddenly, his following three movies were all disappointments, each being arguably worse than the previous one. But it seems out of all those, Tomorrow Never Dies gets a bad rap. Let’s look over some of the positives of the movie.

For starters, Michelle Yeoh, portraying one of the most useful Bond girls to ever appear. Rather than simply being eye candy or a damsel in distress, her character Wai Lin was a helpful ally and at times even equaled 007.

Additionally, it features Jonathan Pryce who portrayed Elliot Carver, who may be the most believable lead villain in the history of the franchise. A media mogul who tries to gain dominance over the news industry, and attempts to start a World War simply so he can have the exclusive broadcast rights to it.

Bottom line, this movie strikes an excellent balance between realism and style.

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This article was first posted on March 15, 2013