There are a lot of movies that form to the niche of the entertaining, over-the-top wit that characterizes director Quentin Tarantino’s work. For a person who references pop culture as much as he does, he has becomes an iconic name himself. He hit gold with his first feature, Reservoir Dogs, one of the key movies that brought attention to the independent film industry in the early 90s. He next went on to Pulp Fiction, an equally well-made film, though culturally more known, I would say; probably about seventy-percent of Pulp Fiction’s script has been quoted outside the film; each line has a sassy punch, especially rolling off the tongues of John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson.

But we all know the movies Tarantino directed, right? Well maybe not.

Two of the movies included in this list were actually written by Tarantino, to be fair, so that’s one obvious reason. Directing somebody elses screenplay is a unique beast, though: balancing ones own style with the material at hand. The movies that are compiled here are judged based off the movies Tarantino made in his early days, like Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and Jackie Brown. His newer films are unique in themselves: are there that many alternate history movies, other than Science-Fiction? I don’t think so.

Out of fear of clustering up too many movies unjustly underneath Tarantino’s wing, I’m keeping it to five films. Of course there is a lot of movies and directors who channel Tarantino’s style, but also a handful who fall short, like The Boondock Saints. I’d still like feedback on other Tarantino-esque movies you think should have made the list.


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This article was first posted on October 9, 2012