5 Reasons Clerks Defines The 90s

If you had to pick a film that embodied the 90s, it would probably be Clerks. Here’s why…

Jon Manson


Buena Vista Pictures

The 90s were anything but boring when it came to what was playing at your local movie multiplex. Quentin Tarantino was finding news ways to portray extreme violence, monologues and homages to long forgotten films with efforts like Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction while Robert Rodriquez was attempting to revive the true B-action movie with his own efforts such as El Mariachi and Desperado; and those are just the tip of the iceberg known as the 90s independent film movement.

The 90s were full of these movies and breakout artistic voices, however the independent movie that defines the 90s the most is Kevin Smith’s Clerks. The 1994 black and white adventure, brought to audiences courtesy of Miramax pictures, showed two underachievers working their dead end jobs whilst complaining about women, the collateral damage in Star Wars, and various other life grievances.

Clerks encapsulated the very culture of the 90s from the clothes, to the attitudes, to the music, to everything in between. Out of all the independent and memorable movies from the 90s, Clerks is the one that will truly you a lot about the decade it was created and released in. Whether it was the style of clothes or the vulgarity-laced and cynical dialogue, Clerks is a movie that defines its decade.

Let’s take a look at why…