The 2005 film adaption of Douglas Adams’ beloved novel was the very definition of modest success. Despite pleasing the majority of fans, it got mixed critical reviews and decent box office returns. However, the film was not enough of a success for anyone to commission a sequel, citing primarily the fact the movie had not earned enough money.

Nonetheless, many people still demand a movie based off the original novel’s sequel, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. In fact, there are many different reasons we need a sequel based off the book. Let’s review a few of these, shall we?


5. It Can Learn From Past Mistakes

hitchiker's guide to the galaxy

The original film (abbreviated H2G2) had some tepid reviews, but not really anything outright negative. It would be an easy matter for the producers and writers of a sequel to learn from these reviews, find what went wrong the first time around, and fix it in the sequel.

For instance, the main complaint leveled against it is the fact that it was ‘Americanized’, that it had lost some of the British charm and quirkiness that made the novel and other earlier versions so interesting and unique. The reason why?

The screenplay was being written by original H2G2 writer Douglas Adams, but he died before completion. Who was brought in to finish and rewrite the screenplay? Karey Kirkpatrick, an American.

So look through the bad reviews and write a sequel that can circumvent those, and for goodness sakes, keep the Britishness!

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This article was first posted on March 26, 2013