It was a brave little show that could and did – a show where the lead was a teenage private investigator; but far from being the cute fare the descriptor might have led people to believe, Veronica Mars was a dark, bitter and often funny-as-hell show that was hailed as a true modern successor to the Raymond Chandler stories.

Unfortunately it wasn’t a huge ratings hit and soon found itself cancelled on its third season. The real miracle of the story is this – a movie is in the works thanks to work and prayer and some deft planning from Rob Thomas the creator of the show, Kristen Bell (the titular girl in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Veronica herself) and the rest of the cast, a Kickstarter campaign was hugely successful and the film reached its funding target within 24 hours, with more money still pouring in as we speak.

So, here are just five of the reasons why we think that the new and promised Veronica Mars movie is going to be a huge success on several levels…

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This article was first posted on April 2, 2013