5 Reasons Why George Clooney Could Have Been The Best Batman

Who’s the best Batman? People go back and forth on this one. A lot of people say Christian Bale, others…

Anthony Gramuglia


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Who’s the best Batman? People go back and forth on this one. A lot of people say Christian Bale, others Michael Keaton, and even some argue Adam West was the only live-action Batman worth watching.

However, everyone–and for good reason–forgets George Clooney’s performance as Batman. Everyone agrees that Batman and Robin was the black sheep of the Batman film series. However, really think about the criticisms made against it. Ice puns. Whiny Robin. Bat Nipples. Everyone agrees that 80% of the cast was terrible, but there are two things that I have yet to hear brought up in discussion of the  film’s faults. Everyone ignores Michael Gough’s Alfred and George Clooney’s Batman.

They were the silver lining on the most disappointing film of all time.

However, I will go one step further. Not only was George Clooney the best part of Batman and Robin, but he had the potential to be the best Batman. Period. Given a better script, less studio interference, and if Schumacher was able to make a Batman film in the vein of Phone Booth or Lost Boys, George Clooney might’ve become a fan favorite Batman.

Consider the following.


5. His Performance In Batman And Robin was Goofy, But Sincere


Batman and Robin was a terrible film with a terrible script. Many of the villains turned in ham-fisted, over the top performances, while the Bat Family was muted, tedious, dull. However, in every scene he’s in, even when it’s clear that Clooney knows he’s in a stupid film, he puts in effort. When he’s Bruce Wayne, he turns on the charm. When he’s Batman, while not threatening or intimidating (more a problem with the script), he is believable.

Granted, he admitted to playing Batman as a maturing gay guy with a weird hobby, but that was, again, a problem with directing and the script. We have to remove Clooney from Batman and Robin’s reputation. He wasn’t bad in it. Everything around him was dreadful.