5 Storylines For The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Here’s five places where Marc Webb should take Peter Parker’s story to next.

Tom Buxton


What did you think of The Amazing Spider-Man? Did it live up to its name, or simply amaze you in how rapidly a reboot to the franchise was produced by Sony? Regardless of your opinion, Sony Pictures really don’t seem to care, having already commissioned a sequel for release in two years time and a third film for the near future.

Not that that’s a bad thing, of course. The latest entry in the series does a great job of introducing new plot elements while re-telling the origins story, and yet there are still countless narrative elements of the Webbed Wonder’s comic-book lore that have remained untapped by the overall franchise.

What with a follow-up in the works, it seems as good a time as any to speculate as to what could come next for the rebooted universe, and I’ll kick things off right here by suggesting five places where Marc Webb or his successors could take the story next…


1. The Coming Home Saga

Anyone who has checked out the new publication Marvel Graphic Novels Collection will have read in its first edition a Spidey tale called Coming Home. This new story from J. Michael Straczynki and John Romita Jr. sets an intriguing precedent for the modern day adventures of the wall-crawler, as Peter Parker was forced to face the question of whether his origins were an accident, or fate.

Rhys Ifans’ Lizard poses a similar theory to his adversary in the first Amazing Spider-Man film (well, the trailers for it), so it’s not out of the question to think that the writing team may want to come back to look at this in further detail. If so, by looking at the intense narrative of Coming Home where an enigmatic aid and a soul-sucking creature come into play, they would play wildly on the expectations of their viewers and perhaps ensure themselves a narrative that is a little less predictable than its predecessors.

Of course, Coming Home segues into the next Spidey adventure- Revelations- beautifully with Aunt May’s discovery of Peter’s costumed alter-ego, and thus once again we could have seeds sewn for the inevitable future of the rebooted universe…