5 Things Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa Should Include

Over the past ten years British comedian Steve Coogan hasn’t been having a bad time in Hollywood. Since starring alongside…

Ian Coomber



Over the past ten years British comedian Steve Coogan hasn’t been having a bad time in Hollywood. Since starring alongside Jackie Chan in 2004’s Around The World In 80 Days, he has appeared in such films as Night At The Museum, Tropic Thunder, and this summer lends his voice to Despicable Me 2. Not one to forget his humble origins however, he has also appeared in British comedies Hot Fuzz and In The Loop, and has now returned to the one character where it all started, Alan Partridge.

First appearing as sports reporter in Radio 4’s On The Hour, Partridge later made the leap to television in The Day Today and was eventually given his own chat show, Knowing Me Knowing You With Alan Partridge. Perhaps his biggest success however, was the sitcom I’m Alan Partridge, which followed the failing star’s attempts to make it back to the small screen, and a return to his local radio career in Norwich. Since the second series in 2002 Coogan has made the odd few returns as the character, before finally confirming that the inevitable feature film was on the way.

Details were mostly kept under wraps, and previously not much was known about the film. Photos were seen online which were taken during filming of what is reported to be the films climax, in which Partridge is seen brandishing a rifle on a pier, and the meta-teaser released in March also saw Partridge himself discussing a title for the film, but that was about it. The release of the actual trailer however has given us a great glimpse of what to expect: “Textbook Alan”.

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As far as is able to tell, it would seem that Partridge’s radio station not only gets taken over by a larger company, but also a former DJ (who Alan himself got sacked) with a shotgun. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Alan Partridge, expect a British take on the siege genre with a classic sit-com character audiences either love, or love to hate. Either way, everyone loves to laugh at watching him fail.

Based on the trailer, as well as his earlier work, here is a short list of features that should (as in both to be expected, and surely won’t be complete without) be included in Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.