5 Things X-Men: The Last Stand Got Right

5. The Danger Room

Although prefaced with the needless caption €˜In the not too distant future,€™ the Danger Room sequence that begins the film proper is the first time we get to see mutants training within a contained environment. Although it seems the room is being used less for the students to hone their skills than for the teachers (primarily Wolverine) to show off, it nevertheless throws us into an impactful mis en scene where for a moment we do believe the X-Men are in apocalyptic turmoil, which is exactly how the students are meant to feel. We may even see enough promise in this opening to expect the filmmakers to capitalize on it, perhaps follow the students in their exploits throughout the film as they attempt to use what they learned in their Danger Room exercises to their advantage. However, this being a Brett Ratner film, that potential was squandered to make room for Big Ideas that never hit the mark, like will Ice-man cheat on Rogue with Shadowcat.

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