Though it will never be accepted to the same degree as the other films in the original trilogy (see what I did there to omit Crystal Skull from that sentence? Clever) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom still has a place in the hearts of die hard fans.

Like it or not, Temple of Doom has plenty of classic scenes that help define the character of Indy that we all know and love. From the mine car chase, to jumping out of an airplane with nothing to break his fall but a yellow life raft, Temple of Doom must not be discounted.

So with that being said, as promised in my Raiders article, here is the next installment of 5 things you didn’t know about Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom Edition.

P.S. This post is dedicated to all the fans out there like me, who don’t have a problem with this movie.


1. And Short Round’s Real Name Is…

Now according to the film, Short Round is the character’s one and only name. However after doing some research, it would appear from several sources that Shorty does in fact have a legitimate birth-name. Only problem is, each source has several possible names! So the hunt begins!

According to IMDb, Short Round’s real name is actually said in the film by the character himself. This startled me a bit because I had no idea what they were talking about.

Upon further inspection of the film itself (with the subtitles activated) Short Round is quoted as saying some weird stuff during the “you will go to Pankot Palace” scene. The subtitles read, “you listen to Suwamu. You leave Lanka.” So I guess this is where that rumor comes from: a terrible subtitle writer! The real line is “you listen to Short Round, you live longer.” this is in the script and it sure makes a lot more sense since Shorty calls back to this line several times in the film. Suwamu debunked!

The other possible name of Short Round is apparently Kennon Wong but I couldn’t really find anything but Wikipedia to back that up with. According to fans however, the most accepted REAL NAME of Short Round is…

Wan Li! (according to the old Indiana Jones official website bio)

So that’s a bit of a letdown right? Isn’t Short Round better? Let this be a lesson to just go with what the character’s name is in the film itself and leave the fan fiction to someone else.

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This article was first posted on September 14, 2012