50 Most Essential Horror Movies Of All Time

CORRECT SIZE Halloween Main Image Horror is my favorite genre of film. When it€™s working properly, I believe it creates the greatest interaction between the audience and the cinematic medium, forcing us to examine every inch of the frame, to notice everything, so that we can try to see what€™s coming. At the same time, I realize that not all horror is great art, and sometimes it€™s enough to just throw as much blood as you can at the screen, make sure everyone€™s having a good time, and call it a day. I don€™t know if it€™s possible to determine a single, best ever horror film. One man€™s horror may be another€™s comedy. What scares us is often rooted in our personal experiences, so while those of us that love horror have no problem agreeing on a favorite genre, picking a favorite film can be much trickier. But I do think it€™s possible to list the films that are most essential to the genre, which is what I will try to do here. These are the films that must be seen, because of their greatness, their impact, their legacy, and the way they toy with and expand the genre. They are the films that every horror fan should know. Because this list is purely my own creation, it will (obviously) reflect my own tastes and determinations on what is and isn€™t horror. There will be omissions of films that many may find horrifying that I think are primarily adventure or action films (Jaws, Aliens), and I will shy away from many older films that, while entertaining and important in their own right, aren€™t as vital to the genre as many of it€™s more recent offspring (for example, Bela Lugosi & Vincent Price's many trips through the genre). I€™ve cheated a bit in ranking some films along with their remakes or immediate sequels (if worthy) to fit two films into a single entry. As for the order of the films, again, purely subjective, so feel free to tell me what films should be where, what I€™ve forgotten, and where I€™ve gone crazy. My intention here is to be less a brick layer than a gardener. In the end, maybe it is a best of list, but a fluid one at best. I€™ve also tried to avoid as many spoilers as I can. Many of these are probably past the statute of spolier-limitations anyway, but proceed with caution. Here are the fifty most essential horror films of all time...
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