6 Infamous Feuds That Almost Derailed Classic Movies


Many passive film viewers don't understand that making a movie is an intense collaborative experience. It's easy to say that a movie belongs to a certain director or star, when in reality no film would exist without the efforts of hundreds - sometimes thousands - of people. In order to create something worth viewing, each and every one of these crew members - from director to gaffer - has to share responsibility in some way with those around them.

What we don't often consider is that a film set is just like any old office: full of people that don't always get along. But who cares if the focus puller gets into a tussle with the best boy? Most people don't even know what a focus puller is. If you're a below-the-line crew member on a film set, you basically just keep your head down and do as you're told by the heads of your respective departments. If you're lucky, somebody will see your name in the end credits. That is, if they even bother reading them.

But what about the names that actually draw you into the theater? Those well-known actors and directors that you follow obsessively and can apparently do no wrong? Surely they would never do anything to jeopardize their own projects! After all, it's THEIR name on the poster, and therefore it's THEIR name on the line. Well it may not shock you to know that lots of those hard-working professionals are just as susceptible to petty squabbles as you or I. Even if it means slowing down or stopping the progress of their own movie. These are six classic movies that almost couldn't overcome the feuds.


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