6 Locations That James Bond Has Never Visited On Film (But Should)

James Bond is a well travelled man, there’s no doubt about that. His passport bears the stamps of more countries…

Alex Antliff



James Bond is a well travelled man, there’s no doubt about that. His passport bears the stamps of more countries than most of us will visit in a lifetime, as a career spanning twenty three films has sent him from his home of Great Britain to everywhere from the United States, Mexico and Brazil to Japan, India and China.

There are a handful of notable places across the globe that Bond has yet to visit, however, and it is six such locations that the following list shall focus on.


Where He Has Been


Before we begin, here is a quick rundown of countries and overseas territories that 007 has visited during his 23-film career, excluding the United Kingdom. For countries that no longer exist (such as the Soviet Union), the modern day nation that the specific location visited by Bond finds itself in is shown in brackets. Scenes not featuring Bond but set in a specific country are also listed, though said countries are eligible for inclusion in the actual list.

  • Dr. No – Jamaica.
  • From Russia With Love – Turkey, Yugoslavia (Croatia), Italy.
  • Goldfinger – Switzerland, United States, Mexico.
  • Thunderball – France, United States, Mexico.
  • You Only Live Twice – Hong Kong, Japan.
  • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Portugal, Switzerland.
  • Diamonds Are Forever – Japan, Egypt, Netherlands, United States, Mexico (Scenes not featuring Bond were set in South Africa).
  • Live And Let Die – United States, San Monique (Fictional).
  • The Man With The Golden Gun – Lebanon, Macau, Hong Kong, Thailand, China.
  • The Spy Who Loved Me – Austria, Egypt, Italy.
  • Moonraker – United States, Italy, Brazil.
  • For Your Eyes Only – Spain, Italy, Greece, Albania.
  • Octopussy – Cuba, India, West Germany/East Germany (Germany).
  • A View To A Kill – Soviet Union (Russia), France, United States.
  • The Living Daylights – Gibraltar, Czechoslovakia (Slovakia), Austria, Morocco, Afghanistan, Pakistan.
  • Licence To Kill – United States, Bahamas, Isthmus (Fictional).
  • Goldeneye – Russia, France, Monaco, Cuba.
  • Tomorrow Never Dies – Afghanistan, Germany, Vietnam (Scenes not featuring Bond were set in China).
  • The World Is Not Enough – Spain, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey.
  • Die Another Day – North Korea, Hong Kong, Cuba, South Korea, Iceland
  • Casino Royale –Czech Republic, Pakistan, Madagascar, Bahamas, United States, Montenegro, Italy (Scenes not featuring Bond were set in Uganda).
  • Quantum Of Solace – Italy, Haiti, Austria, Bolivia, Russia.
  • Skyfall – Turkey, China, Macau.

6. Southern Africa


Whenever James Bond comes up against animals, it is almost always because a maniacal villain has pitted him against a deadly creature in an attempt to kill him. Throughout his film career, 007 has been pitted against spiders, sharks, piranhas, snakes, alligators and a komodo dragon in his most recent outing, Skyfall.

It would therefore be somewhat refreshing to see scenes involving animals not hellbent on killing the man in their natural habitat and the fauna (and ecosystems) of Southern Africa would be perfect for a scene that takes 007 away from the urban metropolises, snowscapes and underwater locales that have been so frequently featured throughout the series. I’m not advocating that Bond becomes David Attenborough, however, and such a scene should also involve the man being pitted against creatures such as lions or hippopotamuses (don’t laugh, they’re amongst the world’s most dangerous beasts) at some point.

Of course, Southern Africa (the country of South Africa in particular) also has a number of significant urban areas (such as Johannesburg) where a story could take place. Such a story could involve corruption (in either politics or the business operations of international companies) or conflict diamonds, though the fact that two films (Diamonds Are Forever and Die Another Day) have revolved around the stones means that the latter should probably be avoided as a plot point by the series’ writers for the considerable future in order to avoid repetition and staleness.

Example Scenario – Bond investigates a link between ivory poachers and an Asian crime syndicate in the Kruger National Park, discovering and attempting to bring an end to a human trafficking program in the process.