6 Reasons Blade Is Marvel's Most Underrated Movie

Blade was the first real Marvel movie, so where's the love?

There have been rumblings lately that Marvel€™s vampire hunter extraordinaire, Blade, could be returning to screens as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It€™s purely idol gossip at this stage, but the star of the original trilogy, almost-action hero and epic tax cheat Wesley Snipes, has been open to a return when asked. Some have been suggesting that Blade could return as a mentor to a new, younger vampire slayer who is less encumbered by the franchise€™s past, whilst some think that Blade might work best in Netflix€™s darker corner of the MCU alongside Daredevil, the Punisher and Jessica Jones. Regardless of how it work, there€™s no question that a return for Snipes€™ day-walker would be nothing but welcome, even after the suck-fest that was Blade Trinity seemingly derailed the franchise for good over a decade ago. If however you€™re still unsure as to why Blade€™s particular brand of vampire dicing should be brought back to the big screen then I would argue that it€™s been too long since you watched the original Blade from 1998. Blade has wrongly become a footnote in the story of comic book movies to date, so here€™s why it€™s actually the most underrated Marvel movie around.

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