What is it with us and adaptations? While many of us will try to deny it, whenever we hear a really cool news story or read a great book, chances are that a tiny part of us can’t help but say to ourselves, “Dude, this should be a movie.” Well, sometimes it’s a tiny part of us, and sometimes it’s a psycho super-fan inside who just jumps up and down screaming, “MAKE THE FILM ALREADY!” This tends to go doubly when it comes to great comic book properties.

Either that or we get really insulted when we find out that our perfect source material is being soiled by the money-grabbing lunatics at Hollywood and we end up jumping up and down for the exact opposite reason.

But whichever reaction you usually jump to, there’s always that certain excitement you get when you walk into that darkened cinema, ready to see your heroes and villains onscreen, and no heroes have quite the same effect on us than the ones we read about in comic books. Who wasn’t intrigued to see how Christopher Nolan was going to recreate Bane and the Joker to fit his uber-realistic, uber-gritty vision?

And that’s why today we present this list of just some of the so-far over-looked comic-book greats who seriously need a half-way decent film some time in the near future.

Let’s get into this.

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This article was first posted on November 30, 2012