7 Huge Upcoming Movies (That Are Massive Gambles)

They've got the stars and the money, but will they find their audience?

20th Century Fox

It's widely lamented by a great many film fans and critics that we seem to live in the most risk-averse of times when it comes to the content we can hope to see in our local multiplexes.

Long-running franchises, sequels, remakes, and/or adaptations of otherwise established properties tends to be just about all most of us get to see on the big screen. Plenty of great films are being made under these conditions, but even so, many of us are crying out for more original material.

All that having been said, we also live in times when the words 'big budget' have taken on a whole new meaning. Just over two decades ago, the $200 million spent on Titanic was completely unprecedented; yet in 2018, films with budgets in that region are alarmingly commonplace.

As such, it's hardly surprising the studios tend to prefer putting that kind of money into films which seem likely to reap a handsome return, which typically means making at least double its budget back. Yet it doesn't always work out that way.

For every Black Panther or Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there's a John Carter or Valerian; giant-sized flops which fail to capture the audience's attention, largely because the audience just didn't get what the film was supposed to be.

We certainly don't wish failure on any of the 7 upcoming megabudget movies listed ahead - but we can't shake the feeling that a similar fate might be in store for some, if not all of them.


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