7 Movie Crises That Would Have Been Solved In Seconds by Batman

Arguably the most famous superhero of all time, Batman has made quite a name for himself in the comic, video…

Cameron Carpenter


Arguably the most famous superhero of all time, Batman has made quite a name for himself in the comic, video game, television, and movie world. He’s often considered such an unstoppable force that many Batfans claim that “with prep time” Batman has the creative ingenuity and skill to defeat any enemy in comic lore. While I, personally, don’t agree, these fans have contributed numerous scenarios of Batman fighting practically every other known comic character and coming out on top.

Which raises the question: What are some other movie crises that would have benefited (albeit, turned out much shorter) with the addition of Batman as a protagonist? Here’s that list, undefinitive as always, for your viewing pleasure. Play nice in the comments section, ladies and gents, but don’t forget to leave your thoughts and additions.

7. Dog Day Afternoon

The Situation: Robbery in progress; two armed men hold up hostages in a bank as a media circus unfolds outside. The culprits? Anxious, army and prison vets Sonny and Sal.

Enter The Batman: Hostage situations are a dime a dozen in Gotham City. All Batman does is ninja through the back window (the one the cops in the movie attempt to get through before they’re told to retreat) and easily take out Sonny and Sal with some Bat-smoke bombs, a Bat-a-rang to the knees, and a quick one-two pop to the face.

After all, the charm of Dog Day Afternoon is that the two criminals in question are by no means pros at robbing banks. They’re not well-practiced or over-prepared and manage to get by the entire run-time of the movie simply because they’re able to hold off the police through negotiation, and are able to use the public outcry and resurgence of the tragedy Attica to keep the public glued to the event.

If only Officer Moretti had Batman on his side. Things could have been taken care of a lot sooner.