7 Recently Confirmed Truths You Didn't Know About Famous Movies

The Matrix code owes everything to sushi...

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It's fair to say that most movies are comprehensively dismantled, dissected and analysed to death in the first few weeks or months following their release, to the extent that precious few new ideas, theories or revelations are made thereafter.

However, every so often fans will be blessed with a surprising morsel of official information randomly dropped, often unassumingly, many years after the fact. In the case of these seven movies, they lend unexpected, amusing and highly intriguing new context to a hit movie, and perhaps even upend what viewers assumed to be true.

At their best, these nifty reveals allow fans to view the movies through a whole new lens, if not have a greater understanding of the behind-the-scenes madness necessary for their creation...

7. The Matrix Code Originates From A Japanese Cookbook

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One of the most iconic aspects of The Matrix franchise is, of course, that flowing green computer code which has been such a pervasive component of both the movies and their marketing.

It's known that the code is a jumble of Japanese hiragana, katakana, and kanji characters, but the precise origin of the code has been a mystery for two decades.

Last year, however, the code's creator Simon Whiteley dished the dirt on the inspiration for the design, and as it turns out, the code originated from his wife's Japanese cookbook. Whiteley scanned all of the book's characters into a computer and digitally manipulated them to achieve the snazzy end result.

Whiteley said of the light-bulb moment, "I like to tell everybody that The Matrix‘s code is made out of Japanese sushi recipes. Without that code, there is no Matrix."

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