A beautiful merging of words, hearing the phrase threequel instills dread into any cinema fan. Unnecessary follow ups to films are already incredibly common, but more often that not it’s the third installment where things go bad. There’s some marvelous exceptions, but normally there’s only so far an idea will go.

For every Return Of The King there’s a Godfather: Part III and you’re just as likely to see a X-Men: The Last Stand as a Dark Knight Rises. What makes it worse is that for a series to get to third part it generally needs good quality on it’s side, making a poor threequel worse by being a disservice to what was once brilliant.

To be fair, it’s very hard not to retread what’s been covered before; either the filmmakers don’t want to deviate too much from what’s successful or the only marginally creative way forward is to go backwards. Whatever the reason, threequels are rarely fresh. And some are downright imitations of the previous films.

To highlight this point, we present you with seven offending sequels that were doing little more than repeating their predecessors. I love a fair few films on this list and I’ll take the opportunity now to state that just because a threequel remakes the earlier films, it doesn’t make it a bad watch. It just means the director was getting lazy. Just like with…

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This article was first posted on July 4, 2013