7 Ways Venom Could Join The MCU

Seriously - who DOESN'T want to see a team-up with Spider-Man?

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Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters (or SUMC, for short - we think), got off to a weird start this week with the release of Venom, a Ruben Fleischer helmed project with Tom Hardy in the role of the eponymous protagonist/anti-hero, Eddie Brock.

Fairing poorly with critics but almost certain to make a splash at the box office, Venom is set to herald a new beginning for the studio's relationship with Spider-Man. A veritable mish-mash of unnecessary spin-offs have already been announced, including a nauseating Morbius project fronted by Jared Leto, but there may be scope for Sony to integrate with their Disney counterpart, Marvel Studios.

Prior to Venom's release, Sony did their best to capitalise on the buzz surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe by claiming that Venom existed "in the same reality" as it. It was a tenuous statement, and tacit repudiations by Kevin Feige - together with a lack of references to the wider MCU in Venom - seemingly rubbish those comments.

However, the door has been left open for Brock's salivating symbiote to enter the MCU, should Marvel prove willing to cooperate. There's a lot to like about the new film, and with fans enthused by the prospect of Toms Holland and Hardy linking up as Spidey and Venom respectively, it makes sense to look at the ways the character could enter the MCU.


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