8 Actresses Who Will Inevitably Lead All Female Ghostbusters 3

1. Emma Stone

Emma Stone Zombieland Ghostbusters Emma Stone has been Hollywood's IT girl of the last few years, after starring in comedic films such as Superbad, Zombieland (zombie comedy-horror), and Easy A. Then she landed the Gwen Stacy role in the Spider-Man reboot, and we all thought "well, that's it, that's going to be the genre role she's forever known for." However, about a year ago, before the death of Harold Ramis (write of the original Ghostbusters, and of course Egon in the film), a rumour popped up that said Stone - and Jonah Hill - had been offered a role in Ghostbusters 3. The rumour matched some info Dan Aykroyd had leaked, that the film would feature younger Ghostbusters, perhaps university students - they way the original Ghostbusters had been university researchers. A lot of people dismissed the Stone rumour, but it's actually a pretty solid idea. Don't believe us? Ask Bill Murry. Emma Stone was the fourth name endorsed by Bill Murray this past weekend, and Murray knows his stuff. So what say you? Are you keen on the Ghostbusterettes? Would you prefer a mix? Who would you cast? These are just the picks we feel will be inevitable (at least some of them), but there are a whole bunch of options out there. Ghostbusters has been making a lot of news again with it's 4K re-release to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the film, and it's near and dear to multiple generations of fans, so if there's one thing Feig and co need to take to heart, it's this: Don't screw this one up. Post your thoughts below.
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