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Comebacks are something which tend to feature heavily in films, most often as a basis for a story in itself. Whether it’s Rocky slurring his way into contention for boxing glory, or Batman rising from the shadows to put an end to the hijinks of Bane and company, cinema goers undeniably go crazy for a comeback king.

However, it’s not only the characters on screen who are always the ones scraping themselves from the bottom of the barrel, but the actors and directors themselves. We’re talking about those who have either driven themselves into the ground through excess, to those whose poor judgement or greed led to a series of mediocre at best productions, but somehow managed to dust themselves off and come out smelling of roses.

I mean, if Monty Python can reform at the collective age of 358 and still attract global attention, then there’s clearly hope for all those lost in the entertainment wilderness. Please note, though: however much I would love to include Arnold Schwarzenegger in this list due to that brilliant cameo in The Expendables, I must also then consider the fact that his following efforts have been direct-to-DVD quality plodders, so never mind.

So, Arnie aside, here are 8 of the best career comebacks in movies…

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This article was first posted on November 27, 2013