8 Biggest Movie And TV News This Week (May 3)

Your guide to the biggest movie news week of 2014 so far…

James Garcia



Holy movie news, Batman! What a week it’s been. This week’s news brief may only have 8 main stories, but they’re all pretty big developments that should give us plenty to talk about for the foreseeable future. In fact, many of them have already spawned a number of articles on the site.

Things got started with a bang as news broke on Sunday night that a Justice League movie was in development over at Warner Bros. Then we got some incredibly exciting and indescribably satisfying Star Wars: Episode VII casting news (it’s finally sunk in that more Star Wars movies are happening!). We’ve also got some updates about Hugh Jackman’s tenure as Wolverine, Baz Luhrmann’s new Elvis Presley biopic, and a geek-tastic casting update for Terminator: Genesis (here’s a hint: it requires a bow tie and sonic screwdriver).

To top that all off, it turns out that Mole Man is an actual villain and is headed to the big screen, and a 3D (Remake? Reboot? Sequel?) of Halloween is in development. Also, we unfortunately lost another Hollywood icon this week, though he’ll always have a special place in our hearts thanks to some truly memorable and endearing roles.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the things that crowded our message boards and kept bloggers busy over the last seven days. To kick things off, here are some smaller stories that came through the wire worthy of your attention:

Honourable Mentions


Almost Human has been cancelled. Adding another show in the long line of great sci-fi series that have been cancelled at FOX.

Tim Burton’s Big Eyes to arrive on Christmas Day. Luckily, he’s leaving Johnny Depp behind for this one, instead recruiting Chistoph Waltz for the Walter Keane biopic. Could this be Burton’s big comeback movie?

Stan Lee Will Cameo In Guardians Of The Galaxy. You just can’t have a Marvel movie without Stan! Though I’m still waiting for the Marvel One Shot that tells us his cameos are all the same, unlucky schmuck.

Joaquin Phoenix Will Star In Woody Allen’s Next Movie. We still have no clue what it will be about, but this is good news, and is sure to be another great role for Phoenix as he puts the debacle that was I’m Still Here and his fake rap career firmly behind him.

Children’s Hospital Renewed For A Sixth Season. Making it one of the most successful web-series turned TV series in history. And deservedly so.

Sharknado 3 is happening. Oh boy.

Andy Serkis will help Mark Ruffalo with the Hulk motion capture for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Hereby making Andy Serkis the King of the Nerds, thanks to movies like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, King Kong, The Adventures of Tintin, Planet of the Apes, and Star Wars 7.