8 Directors Who Hate Superhero Movies

"Batman V Superman? It's a piece of s**t!"


“Everywhere you go,” wrote Tom Shone in 2004, “you will meet filmmakers who will cheerfully opine that there are way too many comic book adaptations/sequels/merchandising cash-ins before turning back to their mixing desks to put the finishing touches to Daredevil II: Double Dare or whatever else it is they are working on.”

Plus ca change plus ca meme chose, because over a decade later the only thing that has changed is the sheer volume of superhero movies being made and the number of filmmakers who express their distaste for them. So while DC develops its shared universe with Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Steven Spielberg predicts the genre will eventually go the way of the western, despite the movie’s $872 million box office haul.

From Joel Schumacher to Josh Trank, directors of superhero movies have poured scorn on their own films when the results failed to enthuse audiences, but far more insightful are the thoughts of directors who wouldn’t touch a comic book property for all the gold in Fort Knox. After all, doesn't everyone want a piece of a good thing?

Whatever their motivations, here are eight people with no ambition to be the next Zack Snyder.

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