8 Major Comic-Con Revelations Everyone Missed

There's more to Comic-Con than Domhnall Gleeson spoiling Episode VII.


As you can probably tell if you've looked at the Internet at all, San Diego Comic-Con happened over the weekend, drawing in the standard humongous crowds of comic book cultists, cosplayers and fans of sci-fi, fantasy and general geek culture. Now bigger than ever, the event has become a magnet for the the media and discerning bloggers looking to catch every word and throw it out into the echo chamber of the internet.

For three days straight, Twitter has been lighting up every time Batman V Superman, Star Wars Episode VII or any of the other tentpole films doing the rounds dropped a trailer or another crumb of information. Now it's over, you probably know just about everything you think you need to know to decide what level your excitement should be at.

You'll know that Domhnall Gleeson is playing General Nux in Episode VII, you heard about the Green Lantern Corps movie, you probably know Jennifer Lawrence will likely be back for more X-Men movies (after months of speculation)... If you really kept afloat of things, you probably heard the best thing of all: that Bryan Cranston will literally say he slept with your mum and drop the mic if you try and troll him at a Q&A.

Not every morsel of info was widely reported, however, and not just because the other stuff eclipsed it - there were some genuinely revelatory tidbits that just happened to get lost in the noise. So by means of a public service announcement...


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