8 More Horror Films That Eerily Came True

Truth is scarier than fiction.

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Countless horror movies would have you believe they were "inspired by true events" but the reality is usually more mundane than it sounds. These claims are often BS, and on the rare instances when they're not, the facts has been twisted, distorted or Hollwoodised, all in the name of silver screen entertainment.

The supernatural chillers that are supposed to have basis in reality often come from questionable sources, and the slashers inspired by actual serial killers are never anything more than embellishments of their real-life crimes.

But what about those times when life eerily seems to imitate art? Many a horror movie set has been marred by claims of strange occurrences and some of these films have even inspired real-life acts of evil. There have also been eerie occasions when strange phenomena straight out of the Twilight Zone has been reported around the world.

They say that truth is stranger than fiction, and even though that's not always strictly accurate, here are some of the times when it was at least just as terrifying.

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