8 Movie Characters With Completely Irrational Fears

Remind us again why mummified supervillains are afraid of cats?

If you're a person, and chances are if you're reading this that you probably are, it's more than likely you have an irrational fear of something. Usually phobias stem from past trauma, negative formative experiences or plain misinformation, and they're almost always basically unfounded (how many people do you know that are both arachnophobic and British? Not many Black Widows in the UK...). Don't worry though - there are plenty of movie characters out there with illogical fears to remind you that you're not alone. Probably the most famous example of a character with a crippling phobia is Vertigo's Scottie Ferguson, a former detective who suffers from acrophobia; that'd be a fear of heights, something he picked up when he witnessed a colleague falling to his death off a multi-storey building. Nobody's arguing with Scottie after that - if he wants to have a phobia of falling off San Francisco rooftops and splattering into jam, then he's just about got every right. There are other movie characters, however, with fears that barely even make sense within the context. For some of cinema's most notorious scaredy-cats, you can't help but want to reach through the screen and shake them out of their acting completely ridiculously. Here are ten movie characters whose fears were totally irrational.

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